Huong Nguyen, PhD

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Mentoring/community services

Founder and Director: Founder & Director, Researcher Development Program, International Vietnamese Academic Network.

I founded and led iVANet-RDP – a community online Researcher Development Program initiated through the International Vietnamese Academic Network which attracts 21,300 members as at Aug 24th. I attracted nine PhD graduates/students who volunteered to work for this program. We have organised 17 webinars on various topics related to researcher development. This program connected 38 successful PhD qualified Vietnamese academics and industry leaders with thousands of Vietnamese research students from different genders, disciplines, ages, career stages. By Aug 2nd, 2020, through 17 webinars, iVANet_RDP has attracted a total number of 1,841 registrations, 684 live participants, and 42,251 views from YouTube and Facebook webinar recordings. Our participant survey results show that the program helps to improve participants’ understanding of doing research and the academic purpose of doing a PhD, enables them to believe that a PhD is achievable, particularly for women with a young family. This result shows my excellent public engagement and leadership capability to serve the global researcher community outside my own University and country. Please read a media reporting of this program here.

Mentor:   Brayden Hunt (2016), Swinburne University of Technology, Industry-Based Learning

Mentor:  Frances Truong (2015), Swinburne University of Technology, Industry-Based Learning