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Conference Presentations (Refereed)

Nguyen, H. T. L., Badiozaman, I. F. A., Voon, M., & Gramberg, B. V. (2019). Climbing up the academic career ladder: strategies employed by academics from an Australian university. Paper presented at the 41st EAIR FORUM 2019: Responsibility of Higher Education Systems: What? Why? How? Leiden, The Neitherlands.

Nguyen, H. T. L., & Gramberg, B. V. (2019). Doctoral research internships: Key capabilities that doctoral interns should acquire to succeed. Paper presented at the ARMS 2019 Conference: Research management excellence and impact: It’s our business, Adelaide, Australia. (won the Best Concurrent Session Prize)

Nguyen, T. L. H. (2017)Building Developing a university research culture in a developing country: The case of Vietnam. Paper presented at the 77th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Atlanta, America.

Nguyen, T. L. H. (2016)University Research Capacity Building in developing countries: the case of Vietnam. Paper presented at the International Network of Research Management Societies 2016 Congress (INORMS 2016) Melbourne, Australia.

Nguyen, T. L. H. (2015)The formation and development of successful Australian university start-ups: a research idea. Paper presented at the Changing the Innovation Landscape, ISPIM Innovation Summit 2015, Brisbane, Australia.

Nguyen, T. L. H. (2010)Developing the third mission for Vietnamese Higher Education. Paper presented at the Linking Society and Universities: New Missions for Universities, EAIR Forum Valencia 2010, Valencia, Spain.