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I am Dr Huong Nguyen, the Academic Manager in the Graduate Research and Research Training Office, at Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia.

As an academic working at a ‘Western’ university, one of my mentors  advised me that I should learn to ‘promote’ myself well to succeed. However, this value seems to be in conflict with what I was taught as a Vietnamese: to be modest and not to boast about myself- ‘khiêm tốn bao nhiêu cũng chưa đủ, tự kiêu một tý đã thấy thừa’. Possibly due to this culture I’ve always found it hard to promote myself or even to share my thoughts and knowledge publicly. As I have been doing research about science development , I have become better aware of the needs for researchers to communicate their research and thoughts to lay audience to create their research impact. For this reason, I’ve created this website to share my work and to get connected with any interested readers.

If you like my posts or have any feedback or questions, please comment under each blog or email me at huongnguyen@swin.edu.au.

Thank you for visiting my website.